‘Bird Box Barcelona’ Cast and Character Guide

Bird Box Barcelona is the latest installment in the Bird Box cinematic universe, which was adapted from the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The film follows Mario and his daughter, Anna, as they traverse Barcelona in search of shelter. Despite banding together with a crew that seems safe, a more nefarious threat looms just ahead.

Bird Box Barcelona will premiere on streaming service Netflix on July 14, 2023

Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona

Read on to find out who’s who, and check out this guide to learn all you need to know about the thriller.

Mario Casas as Sebastián

Mario Casas

Mario Casas

Mario, a former engineer, is one of the few survivors left in the desolate streets of Barcelona. He’s overly protective of his daughter, Anna, and will do anything to keep her safe.

Casas won acclaim for his performance in 2020’s Cross the Line, for which he secured both Goya and Gaudí awards. The Spanish actor also starred in the Netflix series The Innocent. Casas rise to fame began with his stint on the long-running Spanish series Los Hombres de Paco.

Alejandra Howard as Anna

Anna is Sebastián’s young daughter who, before disaster struck, loved to roller-skate and spend time with her family. Anna lives in Mario’s shadow, where he shields her from all the dangers that surround them.

Howard is an up-and-coming Spanish-American actor. She starred in the Netflix drama series Fatima and The Wasteland, as well as the sci-fi series Paraíso.

Georgina Campbell as Claire

Claire was once a psychiatrist in England, but since has banded with a group of survivors camping out in an old bomb shelter. She’s fiercely protective of Sofia, who was separated from her mother when the city fell into chaos.

A British actor, Campbell is best known for starring in the 2022 horror film Barbarian. Previously, she was featured in the thriller series Suspicion and the horror movie All My Friends Hate Me. 

Naila Schuberth as Sophia

An 8-year-old German tourist, Sofia is now an orphan. Though no one else in this group of survivors can speak German, Claire takes Sofia under her wing and keeps her safe.

Another up-and-coming young actor, Schuberth hails from Germany. Prior to Bird Box Barcelona, she starred in the series Blackout and Gefährliche Nähe.

Diego Calva as Octavio

Before society’s dissolution, Octavio had relocated from Mexico to Barcelona but struggled to find work when his doctorate wasn’t recognized in Spain. Now he lives in the bomb shelter with Claire, Sofia and a handful of other survivors they’ve deemed trustworthy.

Calva is a Mexican actor who was SAG- and Golden Globes-nominated for his role in Damien Chazelle’s 2022 film, Babylon. He’s best known for his role in Narcos: Mexico.

Leonardo Sbaraglia as Padre Esteban

Previously, Padre Esteban served as the priest at Anna’s Catholic elementary school. Now his life is dedicated to a more sinister purpose.

Sbaraglia is an award-winning actor from Argentina. He won Goya awards for his performances in Pain and Glory and Intacto. He’s also known for his roles in Wild Tales and The Silence of the Sky.