‘Burning Betrayal’ Cast and Poster

Directed by Diego Freitas, and adapted from Sue Hecker’s novel O Lado Bom De Ser Traída (which roughly translates as: The Good Side of Being Betrayed), the Brazilian film Burning Betrayal is a stylish thriller driven by a bold sexual adventure — think Fifty Shades of Grey and Sex/Life.

The cast of Burning Betrayal

  • Giovanna Lancellotti (Summer Heat) as Babi
  • Bruno Montaleone (The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student) as Thiago, Babi’s best friend and co-worker
  • Leandro Lima (Girls from Ipanema) as Marco, a secretive and seductive judge who falls for Babi
  • Camilla de Lucas as Babi’s close friend Paty. Pursuits include dating apps and casual sex.
  • Micael as Caio, Babi’s cheating fiancé, who’s also caught up in an alleged money laundering scheme with a drug cartel

‘Burning Betrayal’ Poster

'Burning Betrayal' Poster

‘Burning Betrayal’ Poster

‘Burning Betrayal’ Trailer

The film premieres on October 25 on Netflix