“Culprits” Cast and Character Posters

Disney has released five new character posters from the upcoming British Original series, “Culprits”, which will be released on Hulu on December 8th 2023.

The four new character posters feature Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (“Generation”, “Candyman”), Gemma Arterton (“The King’s Man”, “Summerland”), Kirby (“Cruella” “The Good Place”), and Ned Dennehy (“The Peripheral”, “Good Omens”).

“Culprits” Character Posters

“Culprits” Cast

  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Joe Petrus / David Marking / Muscle, a former bodyguard
  • Gemma Arterton as Dianne Harewood / Brain, a criminal mastermind
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Officer, a con artist
  • Niamh Algar as Inga Beatrice / Specialist / Psycho, an assassin
  • Kamel El Basha as Youssef Mizouni / Cracker, a safe-cracker
  • Tara Abboud as Azar Mizouni / Greaseman, Youssef’s granddaughter and protégé
  • Karl Collins as Fixer, Dianne’s trusted associate
  • Vincent Riotta as Marcello Bari / Driver, a former stunt driver
  • Amara Karan as Doctor, a medical professional
  • Tom Mothersdale as Anton Irving / Right Hand, a former military man and a longtime accomplice of Dianne
  • Mark Field as Robert Yates / Fuse, an explosives expert
  • Laura Morgan as Soldier