Lionsgate+ Releases The Main Trailer and Posters For Spanish Language Original Series “Nacho”

Lionsgate+ announced today that “Nacho” will be the first Lionsgate+ Spanish Language Original series to premiere in the UK.

The posters and trailer were also shared, leaving viewers’ curiosity kindled as they embark on a journey through the series to meet the legendary Spanish porn star, Nacho Vidal, portrayed by Martiño Rivas (“Cable Girls”). “Nacho” will premiere on LIONSGATE+ in the UK on Friday, 2 June, with new episodes available to stream weekly.

Nacho | Official Trailer | LIONSGATE+

“Nacho” tells the dramatic yet comedic story of the real people behind the porn industry – which generates more than 500 million euros per year in Spain – their humanity and the hilarious lives they live. Proving his talents reach far beyond his most infamous 25 cm, Nacho changed the rules of the game in the 1990s when he became an international superstar. That’s where his story begins, when he discovers that he had been born with a gift that he could use to stand on his own two feet.

In addition to Rivas, the series also stars María De Nati (The Good Boss), Andrés Velencoso (“Elite”), Pepa Charro (“The Ministry of Time”), Edu Soto (“The Ministry of Time”), Miriam Giovanelli (“Coronte”), Carmen Conesa (“Merlí. Sapere Aude”), Montse Guallar (“The Body”), Nancho Novo (“Heirs to the Land”), Albert Baró (“Merlí”), Marina Gatell (“Lalola”), Penélope Guerrero (“Sky Rojo”), Rubén Jiménez (Something Huge), Juan Carlos Vellido (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Paola Bontempi (In the Trap) and Nuria Herrero (“The Replacement”).

“Nacho” is executive produced by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, who also serves as the showrunner, and Ramón Campos. The eight-episode series is written by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira, María José Rustarazo, Flora G. Villanueva and Diego Sotelo and directed by David Pinillos, Beatriz Sanchís and Eduardo Casanova. The Series is produced by Bambú Producciones with the associated production of La Claqueta.

Martiño Rivas

Andrés Velencoso

Andrés Velencoso as Toni Roca
Andrés Velencoso as Toni Roca

María de Nati

María de Nati as Sara Bernat
María de Nati as Sara Bernat

Miriam Giovanelli

Miriam Giovanelli as Bellísima
Miriam Giovanelli as Bellísima

Penélope Guerrero

Penélope Guerrero as Lady