Netflix Releases Official Trailer for ‘Burning Betrayal’, Starring Giovanna Lancellotti

'Burning Betrayal' Poster

Netflix today revealed the main trailer for its new erotic thriller, Burning Betrayal, based on the hit novel of the same name by Sue Hecker, the pseudonym of author Débora Gimenez. The story revolves around Babi (Giovanna Lancellotti), who’s just found out that she’s been cheated on and decides to turn things around with Marco (Leandro Lima), an irresistibly sexy judge full of secrets just waiting to be revealed. But diving into this new romance might end up being much more dangerous than Babi could have imagined.

Burning Betrayal will premiere globally on Netflix on October 25.

A production of Glaz Entretenimento, Burning Betrayal is directed by Diego Freitas (Beyond the Universe) and written by Camila Raffanti.

'Burning Betrayal' Poster

‘Burning Betrayal’ Poster