Official Poster and Trailer for Sex Comedy ‘The List’, Starring Halston Sage and Christian Navarro

Universal has revealed the official trailer and poster for a direct-to-VOD sex comedy, The List, starring Halston Sage and Christian Navarro. Universal will debut The List direct-to-VOD starting August 22nd, 2023 this summer. 

The List | Official Trailer

Abby (Sage) is about to get married and everything is perfect. Until she finds out her fiancé slept with a celebrity from his “free pass” list. To get her mind off things, Abby and her best friend Chloe come up with a crazy idea – Abby should pursue a celebrity from her own list, which includes tough guy action movie star Mac West, Sexiest Man Alive Cooper Grant, and Grammy award-winning rapper Avon. In LA, their friend Sam, a Hollywood talent agent and Chloe’s ex, calls in all her favors to help Abby get into the same room as her celebrity crushes. But getting their attention will be up to Abby. Just as she starts to get close to living the ultimate dream in La La Land, things become complicated when Abby meets Jake (Navarro), a waiter with big dreams of his own, who gives her a fresh perspective. 

The List is directed by American producer / filmmaker Melissa Miller Costanzo (formerly Melissa B. Miller), also director of the films The Busker and All These Small Moments previously. The screenplay is written by Rob Lederer and Steve Vitolo.

'The List' Poster
‘The List’ Poster