Official Trailer for ‘Badland Hunters,’ Starring Don Lee

‘Badland Hunters’ Poster

Badland Hunters emerges as a cinematic spectacle, showcasing a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a cataclysmic earthquake. This action-packed thriller, set in a dystopian landscape where chaos reigns supreme, promises to captivate audiences with its visual effects and fast-paced narrative.

Central to this high-octane adventure is the acclaimed Korean action star, Don Lee, known globally for his roles in blockbusters like Marvel’s Eternals. In his Netflix debut, Lee portrays Nam-san, a valiant huntsman embarking on a perilous mission to rescue a teenager from a deranged doctor. This role not only cements Lee’s standing in the international film arena but also highlights his versatility as an actor.

The film’s dynamic ensemble includes Lee Hee-jun as the mysterious doctor, Yang Gi-su, and Lee Jun-young as Choi Ji-wan, Nam-san’s reliable ally. Their intricate backstories and motivations add depth to the film’s high-stakes narrative.
‘Badland Hunters’ Poster

‘Badland Hunters’ Poster

Badland Hunters will exclusively premiere on Netflix on January 26.