The Chosen One (El Elegido), The New Mexican Series Based On The Graphic Novel American Jesus, Comes To Netflix This August 16

The Chosen One (Spanish: El Elegido), the series based on the famous trilogy of graphic novels American Jesus, created by writer Mark Millar and artist Peter Gross, arrives on Netflix this August 16.

El Elegido | Tráiler oficial | Netflix

El Elegido tells the story of Jodie, a twelve-year-old boy from Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur, who after surviving a freak accident, discovers that he has Jesus-like powers: He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk and perhaps even raise the dead. How will he deal with his destiny and lead the world through a conflict that’s been thousands of years in the making?

The Chosen One (2023 TV series)
The Chosen One (2023 TV series)

This Mexican production starring Bobby Luhnow, Dianna Agron and Tenoch Huerta, among others, takes place on natural settings in the state of Baja California Sur, integrating deeply local elements and traditions in an original way that enhance and contextualize the graphic work of Mark Millar and Peter Gross in Mexico.