The Tearsmith (2024)

Original title: Fabbricante di lacrime · 2024 · TV-MA · Runtime: 1h 43m
The Tearsmith (2024) Fabbricante di lacrime


The Tearsmith, the film from Erin Doom’s literary phenomenon, is coming on April 4th, on Netflix.

Within the walls of the Grave, the orphanage where Nica and Rigel grew up, a legend has always been told: that of the Tearsmith, a mysterious craftsman, guilty of forging all the fears and anxieties that inhabit people’s hearts. But, at seventeen, the time has come for them to leave fairy tales behind and find the courage to accept that force that keeps them apart and united at the same time, which is called love.


Who’s in the cast of The Tearsmith?

  • Caterina Ferioli (Belcanto) as Nica, an orphan
  • Simone Baldasseroni (Vivere non è un Gioco da Ragazzi) as Rigel, Nica’s nemesis at the orphanage
  • Sabrina Paravicini (I Hate Christmas) as Miss Margaret, the orphanage’s headmistress
  • Roberta Rovelli (Zero) as Anna Milligan, Nica and Rigel’s adoptive mother
  • Orlando Cinque (Romanzo Criminale: La Serie) as Norman Milligan, Nica and Rigel’s adoptive father
  • Eco Andriolo Ranzi (The New Pope) as Adeline, Nica’s friend from the Grave
  • Alessandro Bedetti (Hai Mai Avuto Paura?) as Lionel, Nica and Rigel’s classmate who has a crush on Nica
  • Nicky Passarella as Billie, Nica’s friend from school
  • Sveva Romana Candelletta (Fantasmagoria) as Miki, Nica’s friend from school

The Tearsmith plot

Caterina Ferioli and Simone Baldasseroni

Caterina Ferioli and Simone Baldasseroni in The Tearsmith

Years ago, after Nica (Ferioli) lost her parents in a car accident, she was sent to a strict and somber orphanage called Sunnycreek, nicknamed the Grave. There, Nica learned many tales — including the legend of the Tearsmith. The story tells of a world where everyone was void of emotion and couldn’t cry. So they sought out the Tearsmith, a shadowy figure who’d give them his tears. But in doing so, the Tearsmith brought out all the darkest feelings trapped in their hearts, which destroyed the world. According to Nica, she, too, would eventually become a part of this tale.

In all her years at the Grave, Nica felt completely invisible… but now, at age 17, her dream of being adopted has finally come true. The Milligans (Rovelli and Cinque) are sweet and understanding parents — but headmistress Miss Margaret (Paravicini) reminds Nica that this is a trial period. If she acts up, her adoption can be revoked at any time.

Nica is tested when she realizes her orphanage nemesis, Rigel (Baldasseroni), has just been adopted into the same family. Rigel, a mysterious teen prone to moodiness, was the orphanage’s golden child. Miss Margaret adored him so much that he was one of the only orphans she didn’t mistreat. And yet, in their time at the Grave, Rigel had always been exceedingly cruel to Nica, so the prospect of having to live with him again completely dashes her hopes of a better life. But as they come together to face the horrors they’ve suffered, a love blooms like no other.

Where to watch The Tearsmith?

Fabricante de lágrimas

Fabricante de lágrimas

The Tearsmith is available on Netflix.