Watch the First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone’ starring Gal Gadot

Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone’ Poster

The first trailer for Netflix’s new action movie, Heart of Stone, was introduced by the cast at the Tudum: Global Fan Event in Brazil.

Gal Gadot is Agent Rachel Stone, the only intelligence operative who stands between her global, peace-keeping organization and the loss of its most valuable — and dangerous — asset, codenamed: The Heart.

Gadot stars opposite Jamie Dornan as MI6 agent Parker and Alia Bhatt as hacker Keya Dhawan. The cast also includes Sophie Okonedo, Army of the Dead’s Matthias Schweighöfer, Jing Lusi and Paul Ready.

Netflix Heart of Stone Gal Gadot
Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone’ Poster

The movie will be released on August 11!